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Enjoy both forms of questionnaire with Listovey!

The sample questionnaire is in Korean.
It can actually be composed in English at the time of production.

Easy and fast
Easy and fast
  • In the desired method,
    anyone can easily create a questionnaire.
Various sharing method
Various sharing method
  • Deliver the questionnaire
    to more panels in various ways.
Customized analysis
Customized analysis

  • Get useful market insight
    required for marketing.


  • 1 Question 1 Answer mode, Classic mode
  • Provided quiz method
  • Design customization
  • Responsive web, mobile design


  • QR code
  • a URL link
  • Social media (Kakaotalk, Facebook, etc.)
  • Support sending mails using Stibee and Mailchimp
  • Embed in a web page with widgets and pop-up


  • Provide various indicators related to response
  • Provide statistical report files
  • Panel segmentation using powerful filter functions

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